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High class escort poland friend finder

high class escort poland friend finder

SA - Limited duty SA - Semiautomatic SA - South America SA - Special Artificer SA - Special Assignment. AZ - Air ship Tender (Lighter than Air) - B - B - First letter in the Navy aircraft designation, indicating a bomber plane B - Beech Aircraft Company (manufacturer's symbol) B - Biplane B - Boeing Aircraft Company (manufacturer's symbol) B - Boeing Aircraft. A6DR - usnr officer designation. Emln - usnr officer designation. CLR - usnr officer designation. ADP - Air Defense Position ADR - Aircraft Direction Room ADR - usnr officer designation. See DL and. A2LT - usnr officer designation. Chcs - usnr officer designation for Special Service, Chaplain Corps. high class escort poland friend finder Army Service of Supply usat -.S. This classification was abolished in September 1944 and replaced by (EM (EM)L or S(EM). Naval Forces, Northern Pacific Como - Commodore ComO - Communications Officer ComOrTexGru - Commander Orange, Texas Group, Inactive Fleet, Atlantic Fleet *comp - Composite CompGenDec - Comptroller General Decisions Com(No.)PhibFor - Commander (No.) Amphibious Force;.g., Com3rdPhibFor ComPatPlaneRepRonsPac - Command Patrol Plane Replacement Squadrons Pacific. SAA - Small Arms Ammunition SAC - Supreme Allied Command SAC - Supreme Allied Commander sacmed - Supreme Allied Command(er Mediterranean saco - Sino-American Cooperative Organization sacsea - Supreme Allied Command(er Southeast Asia SAD - Special Artificer, Special Synthetic Training Devices SAD - Support Air. DirPacDocks - Director, Pacific Division, Bureau of Yards and Docks DIS - Discharged *DIS - Dispatch DI/SAL - Vessels disposed of by sale through Navy Material Redistribution Agency *disb - Disbursing Disc - Discontinue(d) DI/SCP - Vessels disposed of by scraping discrep - Discrepancy report.

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A5L - usnr officer designation. A2X - usnr officer designation. If I had to pick my favorite lunch place in Israel it would have to be our. On, BuShips changed the numerals from Roman to Arabic; Mark II became Mk 2, etc. SIA - Air Intelligence Service (Italy) SID - Security and Intelligence Service (Army) *SIG - Signal sigcum - Communications Security Publication-151- (Army) sigsaly - Scrambled voice transmission (Army) Sigtot - Signal Corps One-Time Tape silo - Security Intelligence Liaison office (Central Mediterranean Forces) SIM. A3T - usnr officer designation. high class escort poland friend finder

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